Eshet Tours Group - Profile

Eshet Tours Group

Eshet Tours is one of Israel’s biggest travel companies, ranking 3rd largest tourism company in Israel based on sales and 3rd based on profit. The company’s activity is divided to three primary fields of tourism: domestic tourism, outgoing tourism and incoming tourism, in a variety of markets, including various products and services. The company has brand recognition and a loyal client base within the public and private sectors, as well as within the religious and Arab markets.

Domestic Tourism

Eshet Tours mainly deals with organizing vacation packages for groups, business travel, planning and organizing leisure packages, group and individual tours. The company enjoys work agreements with about 200 hotels in Israel and room allocations throughout the year.

Outgoing Tourism

As a wholesale Eshet Tours operates charter flights to various destinations along the Mediterranean. The company initiated the opening of various charter destinations for the Israeli market, including: Antalya in 1993, Prague in 1994, Budaphest in 2001, Opatia in Croatia in 2002, Burgas in Bulgaria in 2003, Split in 2005, Ohrid in Macedonia in 2008, Saloniki in Greece in 2009 and Malta in 2010.

An experienced, well-trained staff tailors any product to the customer's needs: vacation packages, "city breaks", organized tours, car rental deals, ski holidays, cruises, dynamic packages, special interest holidays, incentives and much more. Eshet Tours is also an authorized issuer of international driver's license via the Ministry of Transportation. Driver's license can be issued at various Eshet Tours branches, including the Ben-Gurion Airport branch.

Incoming Tourism

Eshet Tours Offers Israel Tours and full land services in Israel, in all areas of the country: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Dead Sea, Galil and Eilat. Service is in all major European languages. Eshet Tours is the largest buyer of hotel rooms in Israel.

Eshet Tours is one of the biggest tourism suppliers for the public sector employees:

Government and Public Institutions
  • The Government of Israel – Authorized supplier for Groups and Incentives
  • Ministry of Defense – Branch of Soldier Rehabilitation
  • Police Corp – Eshet is the sole supplier used by the national police force
Worker Unions
  • BEZEQ – Israel's largest telecommunications company
  • KUPAT HOLIM – Israel's primary health organization
  • HEVER – Union of IDF veterans
Business Sector
  • Major banks
  • Major insurance companies
  • Major high tech companies

Eshet Tours operates two large and modern call centers offering service in Hebrew, English and Russian. The primary call center in Ashkelon opened on April 2009 and is a modern, state of the art call center, which consists of 100 workstations. The secondary call center is located at the Eshet Tours headquarters in Tel Aviv. In addition, the company has 10 sales branches in major cities in Israel and a service branch in Terminal 3 at Ben-Gurion Airport.

50% of the company is owned by the public company Meshulam Levinstein Contracting & Engineering Group Ltd. and the rest by private ownership. Since 2000 the company has published a profitable balance sheet each year.

The Eshet Tours website Eshet-Tours.com Is an Online Travel Agency, a B2C website for outgoing and domestic tourism. The website is connected to both Global and Local Distribution Systems and to databases of hotel rooms all over the world. The website gets around 3 million visits per year and is one of the top 3 Online Travel Agencies of Israel.